"Будокан" - игра про карате

November 27, 2011 от katana   комментарии (0)


Нечайно наткнулся на любимую игру - Будокан. Кому интересно советую вспомнить "молодость":


Budokan is an early Electronic Arts game, dating back to 1989. It was obvious right away that, with such productions, EA was bound to become what it is today: one of the biggest game-producing companies. There is nothing missing in this game. From the beginning to the end, it is programmed perfectly, has unbelievable graphics and is absolutely addictive.

There are four disciplines to choose from: karate, kendo, nunchaku and bo. There is one extra dojo where you can choose your own weapon and fight against a computer or player with a different one. In all disciplines, you choose whether you want to practise by yourself or play against a computer at a difficulty level you have chosen. Each dojo is different and has a different animated background that is simply wonderful.

The game creates such an atmosphere that you really feel as if you were on top of some intact mystic mountain. When you get bored practising, or playing against the computer, and after you perfect your skills at all dojos, you can try a tournament. In tournaments there are short descriptions of the players, along with their pictures and a list of their abilities. It is really incredible how all that fits into just 700 Kb of code. Budokan is a truly magnificent production by EA.